Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering (CJME) started publication in 1953. It is one of the most authoritative academic journals in the field of Chinese engineering techno-logy. It always closely grasps the development direction of mechanical engineering disciplines and publishes papers with high academic value. The papers published on CJME, from the traditional field of mechanical engineering disciplines to the new cross-disciplinary subjects such as microelectro-mechanical systems, bionic manufacturing and nano manufacturing, cover the whole mechanical engineering disciplines, mainly including front-line roundup research, high-level fundamental research and application research of mechanical engineering with high application value.

CJME enjoys high reputation in the Chinese engineering technology circles, and also has considerably influence in the international mechanical engineering circles. The readers at the senior end are experts and scholars in the field of mechanical engineering, at the junior end are students majoring in mechanical engineering in universities and colleges.

In the rapid development of science and technology nowadays, along with the increase in personnel engaged in scientific research work and the increase in national outlays for scientific research in our country, achievements in the field of Chinese mechanical engineering increase greatly. CJME not only strictly guarantees the high academic level of the papers published and the top quality of edit and publication, but also increases with years the capacity of papers published.

Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering (CJME), as one of the most authoritative academic journals in the field of Chinese engineering technology, has the international influence on the basis of domestic scientific and technical exchange. To undertake the heavy duty of international scientific and technical exchange in the mechanical engineering is the end pursued by the editorial staffs with CJME in successive generations. Therefore, CJME (English Edition), not at all a repetition of the contents of Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering, was founded in 1988. An international editorial advisory board consisting of international and domestic famous experts was established for CJME (English Edition). The editorial team, contribution-examining experts and the sources of contributions have been internationalized to some extent. The international influence has further expanded. The editorial office has carried out propaganda work via multiple forms and channels, and in recent years it has sent propaganda materials to a number of foreign major scientific research institutions, libraries, universities and colleges, as well as individuals, and which has yielded good results. More and more international experts and scholars begin to pay attention to the development of CJME (English Edition). More and more foreign scholars contribute and their contributions and publications are increasing year by year. More and more international retrieval systems begin to receive the papers published on CJME (English Edition), and the number of received papers is also increasing with years. Since its founding, CJME (English Edition) has overcome the problems of inadequate authors of contributions written in English and unsatisfactory level of English writing. Now it has gradually gone onto the road of maturity, and obtained the recognition at home and abroad by its relatively high academic quality as well as edit and publication quality. we are realizing the internationalization of the editorial team, contribution-examining experts and the sources of contributions of CJME (English Edition), and the networking of online contributing, examining of contributions, publication and distribution of an electronic journal.

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of High-efficiency Axial-flow Pump
Chinese Journal of Mechanical Engineering(2010),23(01):38

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